Baby-led Weaning Consultation

When it’s time to start solid foods, it is extremely helpful to have an experienced professional to offer support and guidance. I am trained in infant & young child feeding with a focus on baby-led weaning. I am able to help with both breastfed and formula-fed infants, when starting solids you want the right information and qualified support. There is a lot of bad info out there and it’s essential to enlist trained professionals when starting solids.

Solids should be started once baby is able to meet several milestones, including sitting up unassisted. There is no reason to rush starting solids. My approach to starting solids helps ensure your child becomes an empowered and adventurous eater. No short order cooking, no picky eaters, and no mealtime stress are all goals of mine when working with families on baby-led weaning. Allowing baby to gently be introduced to the foods you’re already preparing lets you save time and lets baby eat a varied and healthy diet.

As a lactation consultant, I also offer help transitioning from breastfeeding. Gentle and kind breastfeeding cessation is always my goal. From toddler/preschooler led weaning to night weaning I am able to support you and your baby towards your goals. I highly suggest that all of my clients utilize these services to help mealtimes and weaning be gentle and successful.

toddler eating solid foods

As a mom, I’m happy to say we have no picky eaters in our house. This comes from a healthy relationship with food. Baby-led weaning has many benefits

Below are my services for baby-led weaning and breastfeeding cessation.

baby-led weaning and infant feeding online consultations

Virtual Infant Feeding Consult



up to 1 hour

help with breastfeeding baby

In-home Lactation




90 mins

online breastfeeding cessation and baby weaning consult

Breastfeeding Cessation/Weaning Consult Virtual




1 hour

breastfeeding cessation and baby weaning consultation in your home

Breastfeeding Cessation/Weaning Consult In-home




1 hour

Benefits of baby-led weaning

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