We offer two courses here at VBPC. Breastfeeding and childbirth. We are going to go over what you can expect and why these classes are integral for an empowered birth, postpartum and parenting
Our breastfeeding classes can be taught either at your home (me, you and your support person) or in a small group setting. The class is about 2 hours in length, with some time after for questions and answers.
Either option will include the same information but in the one-on-one option we can spend a bit more time on your individual goals and concerns.

Our course on breastfeeding will cover

  • A basic introduction to how we make milk
  • Preparing prenatally
  • Optimizing your birth to start things out strong
  • How to latch and positioning
  • Common issues and how to ID them
  • Information on eating enough, breast care and keeping an eye on your mood
  • Q&A

As an experienced professional my course is tailored to cover every important topic in an easy to digest and empowering manner. This course will teach you what you need to know and how to have the best breastfeeding journey.

New courses begin in June 2020. Contact me for more information and updates.