Pregnancy Support

Having support during your pregnancy and birth increases positive outcomes for both moms and babies. Working with an experienced professional can also help you reach your birth plan goals. As a doula, I am certified in both birth care and postpartum care. I highly suggest my clients book both childbirth classes and birth support to experience an empowered and informed birth. I have experience supporting moms in a variety of birth settings including:

  • Home births
  • hospital births>
  • Birth center births
  • Repeat/elective cesarean section

The benefits of hiring are far-reaching, here is a blog I wrote outlining some of the positive outcomes for mothers who hire doulas https://www.villagebirth.co/why-hire-a-doula/. Working with professional and experienced support during and after your birth helps you assure your needs are met.

pregnant mother and partner

Services for Pregnancy and Birth

In-home childbirth education classes with doula

Childbirth education classes in your home




approx. 90 mins

In-home prenatal breastfeeding class

Prenatal breastfeeding class in your home




approx. 90 mins
Contact me for pricing to combine Childbirth education & prenatal breastfeeding classes in-home

Doula services for birth support during labor

Birth support during labor




up to 8 hours of continuous hands-on support during birth, one prenatal consult, and one consult in the first 6 weeks postpartum

Benefits of doulas and/or childbirth education

Have questions before you book? Email me at Amber@villagebirth.co or