Breastfeeding is natural but it doesn’t always come easy. Many new moms struggle with one aspect of breastfeeding or another. Though it can be hard you can help assure you start on the right foot with a few actions. Working with an IBCLC during pregnancy can really help you succeed.

Starting out strong:

Many new moms might not realize the massive benefit breastfeeding classes can have on your overall experience. We might assume that we will learn what we need from the hospital lactation consultant but relying on this isn’t a good idea. It can be extremely hard to retain new information being in a post birth fog, this goes double if you’re birth was particularly difficult. It is so important to be prepared. Luckily you can mitigate this with some prenatal education. I offer an in person or virtual customized breastfeeding class, that can be covered by insurance at no out of pocket cost to you. I work with you prior to our class to find out your specific goals and design a curriculum that best works for your family. No time is wasted on information not specific to your goals. This allows us to maximize the time, the class last roughly 90 minutes.

Preparing for issues ahead of time:

There are things you can work on during pregnancy to help ensure a smooth beginning. There are also several things you can do after your birth to set you both up for success. Seeing a lactation consultant during pregnancy will allow us to go over common issues and get a really strong foundation prior to baby arriving. During a prenatal consult we also do an anatomical exam which can identify potential issues, such as flat nipples. Identifying these issues early lets us get a plan in place. I always suggest a follow up meeting during the first 3-5 days after baby is born to check in. These in home or virtual follow ups let us identify any potential or present issues and address them head on. Early intervention is key, catching a tie in the first week is much better than catching it two weeks in. These visits are also covered by insurance as well as additional follow ups if it seems they’re needed.

I hope this information has been helpful and makes the idea of breastfeeding seem a bit less overwhelming. Working with a professional during pregnancy maximizes your likelihood of success and puts one more person in your corner for support. Being able to cover these appointments at no out of pocket cost (covered by most insurance carriers) helps you access to the support you need. Please reach out with any questions!