Here are six items that you need for the most comfortable pregnancy, handpicked by me.
After working with oodles of families before, during and after pregnancy there is a select list of absolutely must-have items that I suggest to all of my clients. As a mom, I know how important comfort is during pregnancy so I’ve compiled this list for you to have.

Pregnancy pillow: This item is so important for helping you get comfortable rest as your body grows and changes. Great sleep and being able to comfortably rest is so important for you and for baby’s wellbeing. This is a very soft and supportive pillow. You might like it so much that you’ll use it even after baby has arrived.

Bath sheet: A great feeling is taking a bath or shower while pregnant. It’s relaxing and just wonderful. What isn’t a great feeling is not having the towel cover your whole body, leaving you cold and struggling to wrap yourself. This bath sheet solves that issue. These bath sheets are extremely soft and absorbent and will last you a very long time. They come in a variety of colors. Maybe grab two because I’m sure your partner will want for themselves.

Clothing extender: Getting a whole new wardrobe when pregnant can be stressful. There’s also that awkward time before you quite fit into pregnancy jeans that make you feel like your pants are sagging and not complimenting your shape. This extender is perfect for that issue. Simply attach it to your pants and enjoy. It will give you extra room and allow you to spend less on maternity clothes. Bonus: you can also use it after baby arrives while your body is adjusting to postpartum.

Stretch mark oil: The fact of the matter is stretch marks and whether they fade is up to genetics. With that said doing what you can to moisturize your skin is necessary while your belly is growing. While your skin stretches it can use some extra love. Moisturizing with this awesome product can help you feel more comfortable. All of the products by this company are top-notch. Look after your skin, you’ll be very glad you did. I have researched many products, often far more expensive but this is the best.

Preggie pops: Nausea during the first trimester is common so these pops can offer some sweet relief. Keep some in your bedside table, car, purse or desk. They are very helpful for normal morning sickness and in my experience provided some relief when I was struggling with hyperemesis gravidarum.

Convertible pregnancy-to-nursing nightgown: Clothes that you can wear while pregnant and after baby arrives are a great thing to buy. This gown is super useful and comfortable. It can be worn during your entire pregnancy and you could even wear it while in labor. It is designed to be used while nursing as well. It is very convenient and soft. Having clothing that supports your ability to easily latch your baby makes things smoother.