While in theory breastfeeding is simple, we can use a few items to help us along the way. Below are six items that I’ve found helpful in my professional and personal life.


Silicone Milk Collector: There are many brands of these, just check the reviews. These are used as a milk collector, attach while your baby is latched and it will collect the milk.

Breastfeeding Pillow: You will have a much easier time supporting baby when nursing with a pillow. These are especially helpful for moms who have a C-section. This is the exact pillow I used with my kids and is my number one choice for moms.

Breast Pads: While disposable pads are an option I find these reusable ones better both from the standpoint of comfort and the fact that they are more friendly to the environment.

Bra: We all need a dependable and comfortable bra while breastfeeding, this is an absolute favorite. Always avoid underwire and be resized postpartum to be sure you are wearing a well-fitting bra. Trust me your boobs will appreciate it and it cuts down on issues like clogged ducts.

Nursing Top: There are many brands and places to purchase nursing clothes. I find these a client favorite, high quality, and reasonable cost. Another big tip I give my clients is to wear a camisole under a top. When your baby needs to eat simply lift up your top layer and pull down the cami. Discrete feeding. Voila!

Nipple Creams & Nipple Comfort: While a good latch should never hurt we occasionally need extra support and comfort for our nipples. Cracked and sore nipples are indicative of poor latching or other breastfeeding issues. Let’s chat if you’re experiencing this. Below are two wonderful products I would suggest to every breastfeeding mom. Lanolin is old news and both of the products shared here that will provide relief with high-quality ingredients and production.

Nipple Cream

Nipple Comfort